Our efforts to offer a truly healthy and relaxing holiday respecting nature, animals and people make us unique.

Our philosophy of life is reflected in all plans and decisions made in Residence Bruna:

The bedrooms are furnished with local natural wood.

Vegetable-, fruit- and herbal garden are farmed totally organic and with the knowledge of permaculture.

Our fresh water comes from our mountain spring.

We have not installed microwave ovens in the kitchens so that all meals can be prepared freshly.

To reduce electro smog in the house we have deliberately neither installed cordless nor wireless internet connection. You can connect to the internet using the cable in the common living room downstairs.

  According to measurements our house has low radiation which aids better sleep and relaxation.

Therefore you can enjoy life, nature and every moment to the full (less social media).

Our house is heated with local wooden pellets as renewable energy is important for us.

We donít accept credit cards and the money saved in bank charges supports our common welfare goals.

We made a common good balance sheet because we want to support a sustained economy for the future.

We use green energy: our electricity is produced with local water.

New: mainsdisconnecters in the bedrooms for a more restfull sleep.